The tree wrap from GreenMax is made of jute, which is a natural solution to protect the trunks of trees. Jute is 100% biodegradable and contributes to a sustainable outcome. Protecting a trunk may be necessary when work is being carried out near the tree, during frost, or when burned by the sun.

Preventing bark damage

If a tree has been burned by the sun, bark damage has been observed. In this situation, bark damage is caused by high solar radiation, a high ambient temperature (high trunk surface temperature), or drought stress of the tree.

Protection against burning

Due to the burning, the tree’s natural cooling decreases. In this situation, the bark temperature can exceed 40ºC, leading to tissue necrosis. Dry bark strips appear on the sun side of the trunk, which can later burst open, resulting in bark cracks and exposed sapwood.

Preventing sunburn damage

Especially Beech and Lime trees can show signs of burning when they suddenly receive sun on the trunk. This can occur after transplanting or during intensive crown pruning. By wrapping the trunk with jute wrap, sunburn damage is prevented.

Changing light intensity

Jute wrap can also be applied to trees where the light intensity has changed due to, for example, the felling of neighboring trees or the demolition of a building in the vicinity. Jute breaks down slowly, thus giving the bark time to adapt to the light intensity.

Wikkeljute GreenMax
Wikkeljute GreenMax 2

Features Jute Wrap

  • Material: Jute
  • Color: beige
  • Length: 50 m1 and 100 m1
  • Width: 20 and 40 cm
  • Biodegradable: yes

Product specifications Jute Wrap

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