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Public authorities

Trees are alive, are our lungs and also serve as an air conditioner in the built environment. Therefore, trees will always be needed in the urban environment, just as cables, pipes, sewers and roads are indispensable. Without help, these do not go well together. The life expectancy of an average urban tree is only ten years. These trees therefore contribute nothing to the city’s climate, biodiversity and climate adaptation. Mature, functional trees are the most natural solution for limiting the effects of climate change in the public space.

With our sustainable and innovative green solutions, we ensure that green and infrastructure go hand in hand, while also generating major savings for the future.

Creating green public spaces

GreenMax provides comprehensive solutions for planting and protecting infrastructure in our environment. Our sustainable and innovative green solutions create the ideal growing conditions for trees in the urban environment. We also offer solutions to prevent root damage in public spaces, for example in cycle lanes or pavements. In this way, we ensure that trees grow old in the city in a healthy way.

No-obligation expert advice

We would like to work together with you to improve and make the living environment within your province or municipality more sustainable and healthy. GreenMax aim to combine green, blue and grey infrastructures into one complete solution.

Although our solutions are quick, easy and flexible to apply, expert knowledge is essential to install our products correctly. That is why our professionals are happy to support you throughout the greening process with expert advice, specification texts, installation manuals, installation videos and more.

By connecting blue, green and grey infrastructures, together we can create a vital and future-proof living environment for everyone.

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Mature, functional trees are the most natural solution to mitigate the effects of climate change in public spaces.

  • …the strategic placement of trees in urban areas can cool the air by 2 to 8° Celsius? This makes trees an excellent solution to the increasing heat in cities.
  • …green and blue increase the value of grey? The economic value increase varies from 4 to 12 percent, depending on the location of a building and the type of water or greenery. The TEEB-city tool of the Dutch RIVM gives you a quick insight into the value of green and water in the city. (This tool is currently only for the Netherlands).
  • …greenery contributes positively to the well-being of the inhabitants of your city, municipality or province? The so-called ‘nature effect’ makes people healthier, happier, more social and productive.
  • …root pressure can cause dangerous situations for pedestrians and cyclists? GreenMax offers easy and flexible solutions to prevent root pressure.
  • …young trees need help during dry periods in the first three years? GreenMax irrigation products are an effective tool to give young trees the right amount of water. This gives young trees a good start to grow into healthy, vital and mature trees.