Trees are alive, are our lungs and also serve as an air conditioner in the built environment. That is why trees are indispensable in our living environment. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of an average urban tree is only ten years. These trees therefore contribute nothing to the city’s climate, biodiversity and climate adaptation. Mature, functional trees are the most natural solution for limiting the effects of climate change in the public space.

Creating green public spaces

As a horticulturist, you specialise in the design, construction and maintenance of green spaces such as parks, gardens and other (public) greenery. Naturally, the planting and maintenance of trees should also be part of this list.

Green solutions for trees

GreenMax offers a full package specifically for the design of the planting area and the protection of infrastructure in our environment Our sustainable and innovative green solutions create the ideal growing conditions for trees in the built-up environment. In this way, we ensure that trees grow old and healthy in private gardens, cities and other public spaces.

Easy and flexible green solutions

Our solutions are quick, easy and flexible to install. We supply from a high stock position and therefore you enjoy fast and reliable delivery. Although as a gardener you obviously have the necessary expertise, our landscaping professionals are happy to provide you with technical advice on our solutions whenever you need it. In addition, we offer installation manuals, installation videos, leaflets and technical sheets about our products.

When you choose GreenMax as your green supplier, you choose a reliable and expert party with short lines and fast communication.

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Reliable advice and fast delivery when you need it, for any greenery project.

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  • …root pressure on, for example, a garden path or garden terrace can easily be prevented by our products for root guidance and root protection?
  • root ball anchoring is an efficient and reliable way to anchor trees underground? The tree retains its natural freedom of movement and tree stakes above ground are a thing of the past.
  • …young trees need help during dry periods in the first three years? The irrigation solutions of GreenMax are an effective tool to give young trees the right amount of water. This gives young trees a good start to grow into healthy, vital and mature trees.
  • …damage to a tree trunk, such as mowing damage or damage caused by wild-eating, can easily be prevented by our trunk protectors?
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