In an increasing world of concrete, pavement and buildings, GreenMax’s mission is to create a sustainable, green living environment. We strive for a healthy balance between green, grey and blue.

Trees are our lungs

Trees are alive, are our lungs and also serve as an air conditioner in the built environment. Planting provides shade, cooling and fresh oxygen. It is increasingly being confirmed that the contribution of trees to the vitality of urban areas is invaluable. Therefore, trees will always be needed in the urban environment, just as cables, pipes, sewers and roads are indispensable.

This need calls for targeted applications that practically realize the desire for green and blue among the grey within existing structures. With knowledge, insight and the right resources, GreenMax contributes to the livability of every urban environment. With the deployment of sustainable products, made from recycled plastics, the growth and development of trees is promoted from the roots to the tips of the leaves.

GreenMax and circularity

We believe that the best way to contribute to a sustainable, green world is to use discarded plastics to make new products.

Plastics are ideally suited for this, as they have a very long life span and are highly recyclable. For this reason, we always focus strongly on the use of recycled plastics and our products are almost completely circular.

With our sustainable materials, we ensure that green and infrastructure go hand in hand and at the same time provide great savings for the future.

GreenMax and innovation

The world never stands still; cities and infrastructures are constantly in motion. That is why we at GreenMax do not stand still either.

We enthusiastically look at the latest trends and developments, especially in the field of green, water and infrastructure. Our R&D department innovates continuously to provide our growing (inter)national customer base with the most sustainable and innovative green solutions.

Future-proof living environment

For over 25 years, we have been passionately involved with green public spaces on a daily basis. Fortunately, we have noticed that our society had developed much more understanding and support for this in recent years. With every step we take, we are one step closer to creating a vital and future-proof living environment for everyone.

GreenMax guides nature in the city.

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