TreeProtect protection of the trunk is a cheap, effective and a reliable solution to protect trees against mowing damage and rodents.

The tree trunk protector is available in the colours brown and green. TreeProtect has optimal air gaps. Therefore the tree gets enough air and light. Infraction by insects and rot of the tree bark is prevented by the air gaps.

TreeProtect protects trunks to a diameter of 11 cm. For larger trees two or more TreeProtect trunk protectors can easily be linked together. Each year the trunk protector must be adjusted to prevent the trunk protector growing into the tree trunk.

TreeProtect GreenMax
Stambeschermer TreeProtect GreenMax
Maaischade voorkomen TreeProtect
TreeProtect Boomstambeschermer - GreenMax
TreeProtect Biobased GreenMax
Boomstambeschermer TreeProtect GreenMax

Product specifications TreeProtect

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TreeProtect Biobased

In addition to the FDA certified plastic TreeProtect, the well-known tree trunk protector is also available in Biobased Plastic. Biobased Plastic is produced using the residual waste from sugar cane and is also called green polyethylene. The use of residual waste from sugar cane creates a new and sustainable alternative to standard polyethylene.

The Biobased tree trunk protector is fully recyclable. Green polyethylene can be mixed with standard polyethylene. This allows tree trunk protectors based on sugar cane to be recycled in the same process as the current PE tree protectors. The base material can therefore be reused frequently.

The tree trunk protector is available in the green, black and brown. The trunk protector is 21 cm tall and 36 cm wide. Very easy to install and protects trunks up to a diameter of 11 cm. For larger trees, two or more trunk protectors can easily be connected to each other. Every year the trunk protector must be loosened to prevent ingrowth. 

TreeProtect Biobased has optimum aeration holes. This provides the tree trunk with sufficient air and light. These aeration holes prevent insect infestation and bark rot.

Product specifications TreeProtect Biobased

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