The use of edging systems in road construction can be traced back in history to the Roman period. The first documents relating to pavement construction for garden and landscaping design date back to the 18th century, and until the 19th century, great emphasis was placed on creating invisible edges for perfect pathways.

However, during the industrial revolution, all this changed, and the development of readily available iron edgings made it possible for garden and landscape designers to create definite, durable yet invisible edges for lawns, planter beds and pavements. Even now, a few of these original edgings can be seen in some historic gardens.

The GreenMax Edge Retaining System adopts this tradition and updates it for the 21st century by the use of contemporary materials with long-lasting anti-corrosion protection. Nowadays, the emphasis is on lightweight materials and a keen price.


Edge retaining plastic

With the GreenMax plastic edging, you can easily create a straight or curved line along the lawn, bed or pavement. The edging made of plastic is lightweight, very flexible and therefore easy to place in all kinds of shapes.


A beautiful finish for a lawn, garden path, border, vegetable garden or pond can be easily and sustainably constructed. The RecyFlex edging consists of an ecologically manufactured material, made of 100% recycled plastic and has a particularly long service life. Several versions are available.

RecyFlex straight

RecyFlex is available in the form of long straight slats for rectilinear and tight borders. RecyFlex is the perfect alternative to hardwood edging. The straight slats are 2 m or 3 m with heights of 14 or 19 cm in the color gray, black or brown.

RecyFlex on a roll

RecyFlex edging is available in rolls for curves and slopes. The rolls have lengths of 10 m and 25 m with heights of 14 cm or 19 cm in the color gray, black or brown.

Grass edge

The HDPE grass edge is a flexible plastic edging system with a height of 10 or 15 cm.The vertical edging provides an effective boundary in your garden, park or on a green roof.

Easy Line

The Easy Line is made of PVC in the colors black and green. It is available in 2 different lengths and in 4 different heights. The Easy line is made from 100% recycled material.

Borderrand RecyFlex

Product specifications edge retaining plastic


Edge retaining Corten steel

Corten Steel is an indestructible material with a warm appearance. CorTen Steel is a strong and weather-resistant type of steel that covers itself with a protective layer of rust when it is exposed to the open air. This natural fixed coating of rust provides protection against further corrosion.

The elegant design provides an ideal restraint for bark mulch and gravel pathways.

Robust and durable edge restraint for ponds and water features. Profile offers the ideal fixing for pond liners. The different height options allow for changes in water depth at pond margins.

Kantopsluiting cortenstaal
Kantopsluiting cortenstaal

Product specifications edge retaining Corten steel


Edge retaining galvanized steel

With the galvanized steel edging you can easily create tight straight lines along your lawn, flowerbed or pond. Also available is the special edging for green roofs for perfect separation of the vegetation-free zone. The various edging profiles ensure perfect alignment.

Kantopsluiting verzinkt staal

Product specifications edge retaining galvanized steel


Edge retaining StraightCurve

StraightCurve is a steel edging product for gardens that does not only bend, but that is truly flexible. This means that it is not necessary to order prefabricated forms or custom-made curves. Instead, you can effortlessly shape any curve you need by hand as you go along. Straightcurve offers a wide choice of designs to restrict grass growth, create raised beds or both.

StraightCurve products are robust, attractive and were designed with optimal care. They do not crack, shift or deform and do not require any maintenance. Whether you are a professional or DIY gardener, you can save time and finish every job professionally. The edging product provides a stylish finish and it is easy to install.

StraightCurve products are available in galvanised and weathering steel.

  • The flexible edging is available in 6 profile heights: 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 240 mm, 400 mm and 560 mm.
  • Extra rigid edges in 2 profile heights: 100 mm and 150 mm. Both types are available as a set.
Kantopsluiting StraightCurve

Product specifications edge retaining StraightCurve


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