Tree grilles, corten steel water reservoirs & steel end caps

Logos are a reflection of a company or organisation’s identity. They often symbolise a company’s core values and are a point of recognition for people. The more often a logo is visible, the better people will remember the company (the power of repetition). Especially when people associate the logo – consciously or unconsciously – with a positive experience.

Maatwerk GreenMax

Green is positive

Speaking of positive experiences, let’s talk about green. Green is good, green is healthy, green is beautiful. Research by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) even shows that physical and mental health improves when people live near greenery. In short, a green environment generates positivity.

Customised exterior design

GreenMax has all kinds of sustainable exterior products to create a stylish, characteristic and also green look in public spaces. For several products, such as tree grilles, corten steel water reservoirs and steel end caps, it is now also possible to have customised designs, such as logos or other graphics, engraved on them. To let people experience a positive association with your logo or brand name, advertising in a green environment with sustainable exterior products is a great opportunity for your company or organisation.

Tree grilles

A tree grille is a steel grid applied around the tree. The grille provides a protective layer for the tree as it is applied above the roots. This prevents damage to the tree’s foundation.

Our tree grilles lend themselves perfectly to customisation as they are made of thick-walled corten steel. There are countless possibilities of graphic patterns and specific dimensions that we can produce for you.

Maatwerk boomroosters - GreenMax

Project in Scheveningen: fish engraved in corten steel tree grilles

Corten steel water reservoirs

In GreenMax’s product range, you will find a wide variety of water reservoirs, which are all made of circular plastic materials. Now a special edition has also been added to this collection: the corten steel watering reservoir.

The corten steel water reservoir has the same function as the plastic water reservoir: giving trees targeted watering, right at the root ball. After three years, water reservoirs usually have fulfilled their most important task; they have given young trees a good start to grow into mature, functional trees. When that time comes, the corten steel water reservoir can easily be unscrewed and applied to the next tree. Corten steel is strong and weather-resistant material and can therefore be reused for decades.

The corten steel water reservoir is exclusively available in custom-made versions. Due to our in-house production, many different customised versions are possible, which can be realised at short notice.

Gietrand cortenstaal maatwerk - GreenMax

Project in Municipality of Gooise Meren: text engraved in corten steel water reservoir

Steel end caps

GreenMax has thermally galvanised steel, stainless steel, sheradised steel and corten steel end caps in its range. These end caps are used for closing our aeration or irrigation tubes. There are small openings in the end caps, making them permeable to water and air. These openings can be transformed into all kinds of graphics. We are happy to think with you about the possibilities.

Stalen eindkap maatwerk - GreenMax

Own design: steel end caps with GreenMax & TreeBuilders logo

Your logo in combination with green?

GreenMax’s exterior products create a green environment. Do you want to give your logo, brand name or other graphical expressions extra power by having them engraved in a tree grille, steel end cap or corten steel water reservoir? Please contact us for the possibilities. We are happy to help you!