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Energy Savings Through Trees in Urban Environments

The heat island effect is becoming an increasingly urgent issue in urban areas each year. [...]

The Impressive Power of Conifers for the Climate

In a world where climate change is becoming an ever-growing concern, we constantly seek natural [...]

GreenMax is FD Gazelle 2023!

We are proud to announce that GreenMax has received an FD Gazellen Award 2023! This [...]

Challenges for Trees in Tree Boxes

Planting trees in urban environments is a crucial step towards creating climate-adaptive and livable cities. [...]

Making young trees future-proof by providing them with stability

In the first few years after planting, a young tree is vulnerable and unstable. The [...]

Root protection or root guidance?

Root protection and root guidance: two words that are quite similar but with very different [...]

Rappelling Gardeners Maintain Trudo Tower’s Vertical Forest

On Friday 1 October, representatives of housing association Trudo and Italian architect Stefano Boeri explained [...]

How much water does a tree need?

Trees, shrubs, hedges, basically everything that grows needs water. They themselves extract the water from [...]

A watering rim made entirely from your returned PMD bags

A watering rim made entirely from your returned PMD bagsFor several years now, household waste [...]

Canopy driplines to collect more water in the city

As we all know, climate change is causing temperatures to rise. Let’s hope that we [...]