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Apply Sunscreen to Trees as Well

Imagine this: you’re on holiday. After visiting an idyllic town or an adventurous hike through [...]

GreenMax is FD Gazellen International 2024!

We are proud to announce that GreenMax has been named FD Gazellen International 2024! This [...]

“What a hassle for just one tree!”

Green and infrastructure: at first glance, two completely different worlds. The green sector primarily focuses [...]

What is Root Pressure?

In urban settings, where greenery and urban infrastructure intersect, root pressure is a common issue. [...]

How Trees Grow in Remarkable Places

It’s an image that evokes both wonder and questions: trees growing in places where you [...]

Energy Savings Through Trees in Urban Environments

The heat island effect is becoming an increasingly urgent issue in urban areas each year. [...]

The Impressive Power of Conifers for the Climate

In a world where climate change is becoming an ever-growing concern, we constantly seek natural [...]

GreenMax is FD Gazelle 2023!

We are proud to announce that GreenMax has received an FD Gazellen Award 2023! This [...]

Challenges for Trees in Tree Boxes

Planting trees in urban environments is a crucial step towards creating climate-adaptive and livable cities. [...]

Making young trees future-proof by providing them with stability

In the first few years after planting, a young tree is vulnerable and unstable. The [...]