Various elements are key to enhancing the success rate of tree establishment post-plantation. Water is one of these crucial factors. Young leaves can suffer significant damage due to dehydration caused by a lack of moisture. Current climate changes are leading to longer dry spells, making the situation even more challenging.

This is where the TreeDiaper system comes into play. It ensures a consistent supply of water, thereby improving the chances of the tree’s successful establishment.


Effective Irrigation

The TreeDiaper system is a reservoir that absorbs (rain)water and gradually delivers it to the tree. This reservoir is filled with water-absorbing granules. As a result, the tree receives a measured supply of water, mitigating extreme conditions like droughts and waterlogging. The TreeDiaper system ensures the tree receives the right amount of water in an effective and efficient manner.

Water bag and anti-root fabric

The TreeDiaper does more than just act as a watering system; it also serves as a weed barrier. The TreeDiaper is positioned around the base of the tree, preventing weeds from sprouting around the tree. It is shaped like a circular, inflatable ring, making it easily adaptable to fit around any tree. The TreeDiaper is designed to withstand sunlight and lasts for several years.

Available Sizes of TreeDiaper

The TreeDiaper is available in the following sizes:

  • Small: 60 cm in diameter
  • Medium: 90 cm in diameter
  • Large: 120 cm in diameter

Product specifications TreeDiaper

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