How much water does a tree need?

Water bomen

But how much water does a tree need now? It depends on the following:


1. Age of the tree:

If the tree has just been planted, this tree certainly needs help and it is important that there is sufficient water available. The water should not be allowed to run off, but should rather end up in the root ball or between the roots. That is why it is always advisable to place a water reservoir by young trees. Click on this link for our installation video with an explanation of how to properly place a water reservoir.

This way, the water will sink into the ground in the right place. This allows the roots to absorb the water well. The water reservoirs should be left for at least 2 whole growing seasons, until the newly formed hair roots are outside the crown projection.

If the tree has been there for some time, then it is important that its root ball doesn’t dry out. When this happens, it can be seen by the leaves drooping, discolouration, leaves turning out toward the sun or even falling off. So always check the soil right next to the root ball, it should be slightly moist.

2. The soil:

Always check the moisture at a depth of about 10 cm in the root ball and the soil where the tree is standing. The water will sink and drain faster in sandy soil than in clay soil. In this case, sandy soil will need more watering than clay soil.

3. Weather:

Precipitation or no precipitation, it is important that the water reaches the root ball and root. Much rainwater will fall next to the crown projection and will not be available to the roots. In this case, it is still very important to water. With a lot of rainfall, the tree will need less water. But in the months of May to August, when it’s dry (more than 20 degrees) with low humidity, more watering should be done more often.

4. The tree species:

Trees that have green leaves or needles year-round will also need water year-round. While trees whose leaves fall in autumn will not need watering from then on. This will only be necessary once the first leaves begin to sprout again and the sap flow starts. Usually from March to October/November.


We recommend the following watering for different trees: planted trees that have been in the open ground for less than a year and have not yet experienced a full growing season

Total height

Amount of water

<200 cm

3 to 5 litres per day

200-400 cm

5 to 15 litres per day

400-600 cm

10 to 25 litres per day

Note: the above water amount is only an indication and may differ in practice. No rights can be derived from these water indications.

There are many tools for watering trees. Take a look at our website:

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