A watering rim made entirely from your returned PMD bags

Circulaire Gietrand uit PMD

For several years now, household waste has also been separated in the Netherlands. In many municipalities, plastic packaging is collected free of charge in transparent bags, also known as PMD bags. The remaining waste that goes into the grey bin is already separated as much as possible, and what is really no longer usable ends up in the incinerator of the waste-to-energy plants.

Thanks to a better process, better new products can now be produced from the plastic collected in the PMD bags. This was not always the case previously. Our latest watering rim, the circular watering rim, is produced entirely from our household waste which we collect in the PMD bags. Of course, this watering rim can also be returned to the plastics waste over time, recycled and used for re-production.

All the different recycled products and colours ensure that the raw material has a grey/anthracite colour. It is simply the original colour of the material as it is delivered, without colour corrections, so the colour can sometimes deviate.

– 30 cm high
– 3 mm thick
– 20 meters per roll
– Colour: anthracite

More information: https://www.greenmax.eu/nl/-circulaire%20gietrand/