Canopy driplines to collect more water in the city

As we all know, climate change is causing temperatures to rise. Let’s hope that we can take something positive out of the corona crisis, no matter how crazy. We see that CO2 emissions worldwide have decreased enormously due to the corona crisis, factories have shut down and people are being forced to stay at home. According to KNMI measurements, it is estimated that air pollution in the Netherlands has decreased by 20 to 60 percent compared to the same period last year.

However, we are certainly not there yet and climate change remains a very important topic. Climate change is causing temperatures to rise. The warmer air contains more moisture and this leads to heavier rainfall. Urban areas in particular are increasingly faced with flooding.

It is therefore important for cities to take proper measures against this. “Petrification” is a major problem, as rainwater cannot drain/filter into the ground. Our sewer system cannot handle the large amount of water during peak showers either. The solution is to infiltrate the water in places that benefit our urban green space and to replenish the groundwater.

Where possible, it is good to buffer all the water that is available in the urban greenery. This prevents the streets from being flooded and the sewers from being overburdened. The greenery/trees can absorb this water and the excess water can slowly filter through to the groundwater.

GreenMax has therefore now introduced special canopy driplines. The gutter in the canopy driplines ensures rapid drainage and the rainwater can easily soak into the ground. These canopy driplines are available in different designs.

The raised border protects the tree and relieves it from pressure. In addition, the canopy driplines can also be combined with our tree grids.

More information about the canopy driplines can be found at: